iDPhotographics is a division of iDStyle, which is owned and operated by the photographer Darren Gardiner. Although most of my paid work comes from product, people, commercial and animal photography, as I’m sure you will see by the photographs represented here, travel photography involving wildlife and landscapes is my passion. Featured in these few shots are myself, my father Keith and my wife Kathy. I hope you enjoy these samples of my work.



There’s something truly magical about being camouflaged, sitting in the wilderness, waiting … for just the right moment to capture one of this planet’s awesome creatures in its natural habitat and by that I don’t mean snapping a cat scavenging food by the dumpster. Getting up close and personal with a Fur Seal, or sitting in a tiny metal dingy, just a few metres from a mother Grizzly Bear and her Cubs playing in the water beside you … is an exciting experience indeed.



When hitting the road in Canada with a few lenses, a tripod and a full tank of gas in the truck, you soon realise that the Canadian Rockies are an awe inspiring place be, and that everything here is big … very big. This is a very beautiful part of this country that I do hope, in some small way, these few photographs will demonstrate a fraction of the diversity of landscape and natural beauty this country has to offer.



Sensory overload is probably the best way I could start to describe Africa in two words. There is so much more to enjoy than “The Big Five” everyone talks about. From the beautiful people, each with their own amazing stories, to the picturesque landscapes that surround you, are of this is just as exciting as the wildlife that awaits you. There’s something rather special about sitting in an open Landrover, right underneath a Leopard lying on a branch above your head … licking it’s lips.



Thousands of years of history begin your wonderment the moment you land in Egypt. From the awe inspiring pyramids, to massive temples carved in stone, that simply defy logic in their creation, to a peaceful cruise down the Nile, or High Tea on the terrace with friends, Egypt has it all. The hardest part about seeing Egypt is choosing where to go, so planning your movements is an absolute must.

New Zealand


The land of the long white cloud is truly a place of beauty, where the surf and sand can be seen the snow-capped mountains, and miles of rolling lush green hills in-between, there’s just something special about New Zealand. To say I fell in love with the landscape would be an understatement, so on our most recent trip, my wife did all the driving, while I hung out the window, in the blistering cold, with my fingers frozen to the camera … and I’d do it again tomorrow if I had the chance.

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